At the intersection of Star Wars, George Noory and Doctor Demento is UFO Phil. He is bald and wears a blue jumpsuit, yellow vest and yellow shorts and that’s the most normal aspect of his personality. I first heard UFO Phil on “Jeremiah Greer Live” on Teancity Radio and “Tha Jackal’s Head” and I spent much of the time laughing. Click on the links highlighted here, give it five minutes and you’ll “get it,” especially as Phil celebrates the Christmas season with his latest single.

I have to admit, as an early Christmas present to myself, I wanted to interview Phil, so I immediately hopped on Facebook and harassed him until he agreed to an interview. We spoke over Skype on Sunday, Dec. 11, and we talked Christmas and the goal of his message which is three fold:

1. Warn people about the invasion from Bad Aliens.
2. Give Phil money.
3. Classified.

For a little background, Phil was born Phil Hill and he grew up outside Roswell, New Mexico. His parents were abducted and it led to an interest in extraterrestrials. He soon earned the nickname “UFO Phil.” Because of Phil’s interest in UFOs, he was bullied.

“Can you keep a secret?” he asked. “I had two five year old girls bully me, and one of them kneed me in the stomach. What would you do if you were kneed in the stomach, especially so soon after lunch?” Both girls ended up wearing regurgitated cheeseburgers, tater tots and chocolate milk.


However, because of Phil’s connection with galactic forces outside of Earth’s atmosphere, he found friendship with the alien Zaxon. Zaxon came down and implanted a chip in Phil’s brain turning Phil into an amazing musician. “Zaxon is always about the message of love and forgiveness,” said Phil. “But only after they’ve been punished.”

Phil promised he would hold no grudges and he would offer the hand of friendship, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to see the two five-year-old girls grown up, kicked in the stomach and forced to upchuck cheeseburgers, tater tots and chocolate milk.

However, Phil, who speaks for Zaxon, said both beings are concerned about a group of aliens holding a grudge against humanity and are currently seeking to destroy the planet Earth. “I want to warn the world about the Bad Aliens,” said Phil. “They can be here tomorrow.”

The best way to warn humanity is through music. “I am all about spreading the message of Zaxon and the Good Aliens,” he said. For several years, Phil has been writing songs for years such as “Christmas on the Moon.”

“Can you keep a secret?” he said. “I wrote ‘Christmas on the Moon’ to give a history of why the Bad Aliens hate us,” said Phil. In the song he details how aliens live on the moon that stood anywhere from three inches to three feet high. “When Neil Armstrong landed, he ended up stepping on many of the aliens. Whether he meant to or not, he did and now they are mad at us.”

He said what viewers saw on their televisions in 1969 of Armstrong walking on the moon was a tape delay. NASA used the delay to clean up the footage. “They photoshopped the footage so that way people back on Earth could not see the blood and guts,” said Phil. But he was assured by Zaxon it really happened.

Phil is hoping that Zaxon’s message of peace will reverberate on both sides of the war. “Zaxon is a very good alien and he does not like to hurt people. If someone attacks him, he will deflect the powers and turn the energy positive and reflects it back to the attacker. Should that not work, he’d probably kill them,” said Phil.

But in the meantime, folks are encouraged to find strength in the subliminal messages that are in Phil’s music, such as “Christmas on the Moon.” While his videos are on (click here for his channel), his music is available on download at iTunes.

“I know right now things are tough economically, so if people email me the song they want, I will email to them for free,” he said. “But I want them to send me money.”

Can you, the reader, keep a secret? You don’t need to give Phil money for a song, though he said he would graciously accept money or a big check. “I would go to Zaxon, but I have already asked him for money and I don’t like going to the same people over and over, so I will graciously accept it.”

I mean what is more in tune with the Christmas spirit than giving? Either way, at least watch UFO Phil’s movie at his site and give him a chance.

Can you keep a secret? If you listen to him, you will enjoy him.

Want to hear Don’s conversation with UFO Phil? Check it out at UFO Phil’s You Tube channel here.

All images and interview recordings between UFO Phil and Don Smith courtesy of UFO Phil.

3 Responses to “The UFO Phil Experience”

  • Beibers says:

    bad aliens are already here and doing a good job at destroying the world. we know them as democratic and republican politicians and we let them live on a small piece of land known as washington, dc.

  • Tha Jackal says:

    The bad aliens are here! They really need to close the Mexican borders down better.

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