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Ok, I promised (or perhaps ‘warned’ is a better word) in the About SFZ section that controversial subjects will be discussed from time to time.  So I think it’s about time I get something off my chest, something that has to do with a very popular series of books and movies.  And while I believe that my point of view will be the minority, it doesn’t make it any less valid. 

That being said, I think I’m ready to move on and start discussing the topic at hand which is Twilight.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy anything about the series.  I’ll confess that the plot is pretty interesting, and I enjoy seeing how the characters somewhat develop.  Here’s the thing though – that’s where the problem lies:  in the characters (Bella and Edward specifically).

Their relationship is completely dysfunctional.  Let’s start with the age difference.  No, they’re not both teenagers.  Edward is a 200 year old vampire, and Bella is a young human teen.  Talk about a dirty old man! I don’t care if he’s trapped as a teenager forever; there’s something just very gross and creepy about him pursuing her.  Yes, yes – I remember the whole thing of him wanting to wait until they were married, but even so he shouldn’t have even been DATING her.

Here he is – the Lurker. “Oh, Bella… I can’t stop looking at you so I’m going to stare longingly at the back of your neck until you turn around again.”

Not only that, but his obsession with her is just sickening at best.  Edward follows Bella around like a stalker ready to pounce on her with a pair of sharpened knives or scissors at any moment.  In what seems like almost every scene, he is hanging on her – lurking behind her shoulder, grabbing her arm, following her around.  Come on – so not only is he a perpetual teen for life, apparently he will never show any signs of maturing at all.  Was this kind of behavior normal back when he was turned, or in 200 years has he learned absolutely NOTHING?  Or maybe that’s why he goes for teenage girls – maybe he operates on such a low level of maturity that he knows he could only pull off this type of abusive, possessive crap with someone as young and inexperienced as Bella.

Speaking of Bella, as if Edward’s selfish and obsessive teenage behavior wasn’t enough, we can now turn our attention toward her.

I honestly think she’s worse than he is.

Edward is selfish and controlling, yet Bella does nothing to combat that.  There’s no message of, “Hey girls, you don’t have to put up with this.”  She caters to his every will, attempting to please him all the time while trying to avoid the slightest hint of controversy.  He demands, and she delivers. 

Continuing on, I thought her plan of turning into a vampire and never seeing her family again was absolutely atrocious.  Is that what we we’re trying to teach young girls?  Hey – live a secret life with your boyfriend and don’t tell your parents because, yeah – that’s cool.   Are you kidding me?  Nothing in this movie gives girls the idea of self empowerment.  The message here is, “Do whatever you can to please your boyfriend, even if he turns on you and becomes an abusive ***hole. And when he does turn on you, it’s your fault so be sure to blame yourself. Lock yourself in your bedroom, fall into a deep depression and refuse to eat.”

This series sends some majorly messed up messages to both genders of today’s young generation.  Or maybe not. Maybe one day I can sit down with my daughter, show her these films and say to her, “This is exactly what you DON’T want. If a boy like this shows interest in you, RUN, and don’t look back.”

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  • Beibers says:

    i think you hit a few major points with this article. with so many young impressionable girls out there, the last thing a parent needs is a “hit” movie to send out the wrong message. i’m seriously glad (concerning this topic) that i don’t have a teenage daughter falling for this crap. i bet nothing is more frustrating for a parent than having a kid that’s depressed all the time and just itching for a chance to get away from it all when that parent is working his/ her butski off to provide for that kid.

    • Thanks, B. In today’s day and age, it really is a battle between parents and the decline of society — trying to keep our kids away from the disaster that the world is becoming while the depraved try to suck them in. It’s a never ending war.

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