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With the vast array of television entertainment available to us today, many of the shows and characters seem perpetually boring and terribly predictable.  So when I finally come across one that stands apart from the rest, one that really causes me to reconsider everything that I’ve ever known to be true,  I know I’ve found something (or someone) special.  And this is the point of this new series of articles I’ll be writing – to share, in detail, everything I can about a character that is worthy to be discussed.  I’ll try to ensure that the shows are current and are still running, but there might be times when I revisit ones that are no longer airing because, yes, the person of interest is that important to warrant a visit back in time.

So let’s talk True Blood, shall we?  And if you watch the show, you are more than acquainted with the lovely yet troubled Tara Thorton.
Tara walks around Bon Temps with a chip on her shoulder, a roughness that exudes from her very core.  We find out through the progression of the show (not discussing the book form this time around, just HBO’s version) that she came from a rough home life.  Her mother was an alcoholic, and quite often Tara would find refuge at Sookie’s grandmother’s home.  The girls grew up as best friends, but did Tara’s rough beginning cause her to be as jaded as she is?  I mean, Sookie and Jason lost their parents at a young age, and neither have as much hatred toward the world as Tara does.

But as she ages, life doesn’t get any better for Tara.  She lives through a series of terrible events – mostly at the hands of vampires. From the death of Eggs to being kidnapped and raped by the vampire Franklin, to the breakup with her girlfriend from New Orleans, Tara is a mess.  And yet, in probably the most selfless act imaginable, she gives her life to save Sookie’s – who then has her turned into a vampire because she can’t live without Tara. Selflessness is repaid with selfishness.

Tara contains varying degrees of rage and has shown herself to be vicious with both words and actions.  I don’t believe she deserves the bad rap that she seems to get from the other cast members.  Life isn’t fair; we all know this.  Tara has had her share of hard knocks, some of which would bring the much of the world down to their knees.  Yet she’s still standing. 

Make no mistake; Tara is a survivor. While she does have a very well-hidden and barely visible soft side, she will do whatever she has to do in order to ensure her survival.  And for her, it’s a day by day basis.  This girl falls into the worst kind of bad luck imaginable.  It makes one wonder what she could’ve possible done to piss karma off as the attacks are unrelenting.  As I watch season after season unfold, I continually ask myself, “How much can one girl take?”

Yet through all of this, she just wants to be loved.  I know, I know – it’s such a  cliché, yet it’s true.  Tara is ferocious until someone continually shows her love and compassion.  If they can hold out beyond her nastiness, if they can get her to see that it’s not a façade but the real deal, she will often open enough for some semblance of a relationship to take place.  It’s getting to that point that’s tricky for her though.  How many times can one be burned before giving up seems like the only viable option?

That’s Tara in a nutshell.  Stay tuned for the next article in this series when I discuss another very popular character and their inner workings and motivations!

Bon Temps is one of those towns where you a) should feel grateful you don’t live there and b) wonder why anyone else does.   We’re nearing the end of this season of True Blood.  In just a few weeks’ time, we’ll have an idea of how the vampires are going to stop Antonia, what repercussions Jessica and Jason will suffer for their “extracurricular activity” in the back of Jason’s pick up, whether or not Sookie’s dreams will come true, and more.  In the meantime though, let’s focus on what you might’ve missed if you failed to watch it last night.

Sookie survives being shot in the stomach with a wooden bullet (predictable, I know). Bill’s blood did the trick, and while Alcide and Bill are both hovering over her she demands to know where Eric is.  Alcide has had enough, and he walks out.  Bill promises to go find him.

Then Sookie has a most interesting dream… she begins to fantasize about both Eric and Bill, telling each that she loves them and wants to have them together.  Aside from being a totally hot, sexy scene, there’s a bit of a revealing here – Sookie is in love with the two leading vampires in her life.  Decisions, decisions…

The witches regroup at Moongoddess Emporium.  Antonia informs all who are present that she has special plans for the vampires during their “Festival of Tolerance,” but Tara and the rest of the girls want out.  Roy decides to stay – of course he does – what guy doesn’t want to see vampire guts explode all over the place?  The others try to leave but Antonia holds them hostage along with her new “pet,” Eric.

Meanwhile Jessica tries to find sympathy in Nan… yeah, that sounds like a bad idea to me, too.  Uncaring and not wanting to hear any of it, she tells Jessica that listening to her whining has cured her of the urge to ever become a Maker. Niiiiiice. Bill arrives and brings her up-to-date on the whole situation with Eric and the witches.  He tries to convince her to cancel the “Festival of Peace” but Nan refuses.

So imagine this – you’re Hoyt, and your super hot vampire girlfriend just dumped you.   So you decide that by making yourself feel better you’re going to get a box, fill it up with her stuff and mark it, “For you, Monster.”  Then maybe you’ll get drunk and pass out. OK – seems reasonable. But I would think you’d never expect to see a possessed Lafayette storm through your door with a gun and a baby (Arlene’s in fact) in hand, demanding you leave your own house!   Poor, poor Hoyt.

Andy’s too hopped up on V to be able to do anything except make the matter worse, and Jason can’t seem to get the job done.  So Arlene calls Jesus and asks him to help.  He arrives and enters the house.  After awhile Mavis warms up to him and reveals exactly what happened to her at the hands of her former lover.  She hasn’t left because there’s something she needs to do – she needs to hold her baby one last time.  Based on what Mavis told them, the boys start digging in the backyard and find her remains along with her baby’s.  They hand the swaddled, skeletal remains of her child to her, and she embraces him, singing a lullaby.  Just then, her spirit leaves Lafayette and disappears.  Wild!

Then Hoyt asks Jason to bring Jess’ belongings to her, since he’s his best friend and all.  While Jason does decline the offer to come into Bill’s house, that doesn’t stop him and Jessica from having sex in the bed of his pickup truck.  Jason!  Weren’t you just serially raped a few episodes ago?  Geesh!
Debbie knows that Alcide’s hanging out with Sookie and, falling into a depression, she goes back to using V.  She then approaches Sookie and tells her she genuinely wants to help her (I don’t care what you say, even with Sookie reading her thoughts I STILL don’t trust her). 

Anyway, they head off to the Emporium.  Debbie distracts Antonia while Sookie finds Eric.  She tries to get him to leave but to no avail; the spell is too strong.  Tara holds a gun to Sookie as an act and warns her telepathically that they’re being held against their will.  Sookie and Debbie escape and find their way to Shreveport to alert Bill that the plan is for Eric to kill him.  Just as she arrives, Eric is vamp-speeding toward Bill as Sookie screams to him, “RUN!”

Tommy transforms into Sam to handle an issue between him and the pack leader of the werewolves.  When he cracks some jokes about having his way with Luna, the boys beat him within an inch of his life.  While on the ground he transforms back into Tommy; Alcide steps in and protects him while carrying him away to safety.

So, it’s Thursday – is it too late to share my True Blood recap?  I mean, it IS before the next one… and maybe, just maybe there’s someone out there who really doesn’t know yet what might’ve happened last Sunday.  So, for that one person I’ll continue.  As always, expect spoilers and such.

Sookie, Eric and Bill:

Sookie and Eric are about to get it on in her (his?) house, when Bill comes barging in.  Vampires are thrown around, and finally Eric gets the upper hand since he’s older and stronger.  He grabs Bill by the throat and that’s when Sookie tells him that he’s the vampire king.  Eric immediately drops Bill and kneels before him, but Bill, feeling cranky, decides to bring Eric into custody.

Bill imprisons Eric in the same holding cell as Pam, who’s steadily rotting away.  She tries to give him the ultimate pep talk to remind of who he formally was, but he resists.  Telling her that vampire is gone, she crumples into a heap of bloody tears.

Meanwhile Sookie is trying her hardest to reason with Bill by to no avail.  He won’t hear what she has to say, and refuses to release Eric.  Subsequently, he orders that Sookie be removed from his property and tells his guards that if she sets foot on the premises she’s to be shot on sight. 

It is then Bill decides that his time to eliminate Eric is now. He contacts his higher ups and gets permission to end his life via the true death.  But here’s the thing – he drags Eric out into the courtyard, he’s getting ready to stake him, and what he finds is something most interesting – this is not the Eric he remembers.  Not only that, but this Eric is kinder, gentler, and even human in some respects.  Eric requests that Pam be released since she cannot do any harm in the condition she’s in, and asks that Sookie be taken care of.  After hearing all of this, Bill cannot bring himself to do it and cuts our favorite Viking vampire loose (more on this later).


She’s still being held captive by Bill, and is locked up in one of his cells.  While there she begins cutting her wrists in the hopes to make contact with Antonia.  When she does, she’s shocked by what she sees.  Not only does she witness the torture and rape of Antonia at the hands of vampires who infiltrated the Catholic Church, but she sees that a certain spell can control the undead and drive them into the sunlight.  When Marnie awakens from this state, she becomes possessed by Antonia.

With a devilish look on her face, she stares right into the surveillance camera and directly into the eyes of the vampire who raped her so many years ago.  Now working under Bill, he immediately turns off the monitor and goes down to pay Marnie a visit. He recognizes Antonia in her immediately, but this time he doesn’t have any power over her.  Marnie/Antonia waves her hand and causes him to fall onto his knees.  It’s clear there’s going to be some sort of pay back….

Tara and Naomi:

Naomi drives all the way to Bon Temps and has a face-to-face confrontation with Tara about her lies.  After all is said and done, she makes an attempt to leave but one thing leads to another and the girls are close once again. 

They go out to eat at Merlotte’s.  Afterward as they walk to their car Pam ambushes them out of nowhere!  What will happen to this cuter-than-kittens couple?  We’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

Tommy and Sam:

I didn’t think it was possible for Tommy to be anymore of a f**k up than he already was, but he consistently proves me wrong.  Because he killed his parents, he now can shift into people.  So what does he do?  He changes into his brother and screws up Sam’s life in the course of 8 hours.  He fires Sookie on the spot when she tells “Sam” she cannot come to work that day.  And then later, “Sam” sleeps with Luna only to throw her out of his home in a rather get-the-hell-out-of here kind of way.  After he does his damage, he pukes all over the place and passes out while turning back into the sad sack that’s Tommy.

Sam walks in, sees his brother drooling and unconscious in a puddle of his own vomit with no idea of the havoc that Tommy wreaked on his life.

Lafayette and Jesus:

These two messed up royally when they decided to visit Jesus’ grandfather.  He tells them that they have to bring him a sacrifice in order for a protection spell to work.  So what is the animal that wanders in their direction?  A rattlesnake.  They bring it to the old man and he lets the snake bite his grandson.  Then he tells Lafayette to protect him at all costs.  He and his pregnant wife leave the room – the doors are bolted.  Suddenly we see a spirit enter Lafayette.  It’s Uncle Luke!  Who?  I know, I have no clue who he is either.  But Jesus recognizes him, and I guess that’s all that matters.  He’s cured and now we wait to see what happens next week.

Jessica and Jason:

Jason and Sookie are hanging out by the house, when he wanders into the woods after sending his sister inside for more beer.  She grabs the shot gun and chases after her brother; he’s wandering in circles in a state of panic.  Convinced he’ll be a were-panther any moment, he’s starting to hyperventilate.  Jessica picks up on this (due to her giving him her blood) and rushes to his side.  She gets him to calm down and sits with him.  It’s apparent the two have feelings for each other and they start to show.  But very quickly, Jason thanks Jess for her help and both agree not to say anything to Hoyt about the weirdness of their encounter.

Still searching in the woods for her brother, Sookie comes across Alcide and Debbie.  After a bit of questioning, she’s able to determine that were-anythings aren’t made – the trait is hereditary.  She breathes a sigh of relief for Jason and continues her search.

All seems quite until she senses something behind her.  She spins around, gun up and ready to shoot.  Who does she see?  But Eric of course!  He tells her how Bill let him go; the next scene they’re naked and doing it on the forest floor.

Overall, it was a great episode.  It’s a huge relief that Jason’s still human.  I absolutely LOVE this new Eric; he’s phenomenal. Having never read the books, I have no idea how long he’ll stay like this but I hope it’s awhile.  Tommy is just a major piece of you-know-what.  Marnie’s about to bring Bon Temps to its knees.  And I wonder what Pam’s going to do to Naomi and Tara?
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This season of True Blood’s hotter than ever, and if you’re not catching the episodes when they air, you’re definitely missing out! I’ll do my best to get you up to speed, but I can’t cover everything – so be sure to watch it when you get the chance to experience the full effect.

Sookie and Eric (and Tara too):
Might as well start right off with this dynamic duo. Sookie’s enjoying Eric’s kinder, gentler side, and Eric is… just enjoying Sookie. It’s obvious he’s not even a shadow of who he used to be, and has a (very) sensitive side.

He has a nightmare where he sees Godric force him to feed on Sookie. Shaken by the dream, he retreats to Sookie’s room and cries tears of blood while she caresses his hair. You can tell she kind of enjoys it – she likes this new Eric and enjoys the humanity (dare I use that word?) she sees in him. They’re falling for each other, that much is certain.

She goes to work and discovers (through her mind reading ability) that the witch she needs to talk to is Marnie. Finding out her location, she convinces Marnie to give her a reading. While she does so, she can hear her Gran’s voice and receives two very important messages: 1) Don’t give your heart to Eric; it’s only temporary. 2) Run like HELL away from Marnie – she’s evil! Sookie runs away as fast as she can, leaving some money on the table for the witch.

Later we see a very upset Tara devouring Sookie’s ice cream. She’s upset – she’s lied to her girlfriend about who she is and well, basically everything is coming back to bite her now. The girlfriend’s ticked, and rightfully so I would think. Sookie gives good advice and tells Tara to be honest with her girlfriend. In the meantime though, she’s hiding Eric Northman in her home. Good idea? I think not. Eric emerges from his bunker and Tara goes into a bonafide frenzy. Is she justified? Even though Eric tortured her cousin and not her personally, I think after having endured the nightmare that was Franklin she’s entitled to never be around another blood sucker again. That’s just me though.

But before leaving, she spews all the terrible things that Eric had done to Sookie, and after she storms out he’s left there in a state of almost shock. He can’t believe he did those things to Sookie, and neither can the audience because he’s just THAT different from how he used to be. Man, I love this new Eric!

He rushes to leave but Sookie asks him to stay. And then it happens – they start making out. Perfect!

Jason, Jessica and Hoyt:
Jessica tucks Jason in so he can rest. There’s still some strange awkwardness between Jess and Hoyt; it’s like every time they try to communicate or be intimate, it misfires. Later Jason has a racy dream about Jessica – first he’s having sex with her but she keeps mentioning/calling him Hoyt, then Hoyt shows up and starts commenting during the act, and then Jess actually turns INTO Hoyt, which was a little disturbing to see. Apparently Jason thought so too because he wakes up in a cold sweat.

Portia Bellefleur:
She just won’t stop, will she? She corners Bill in his office and tries to convince him that incest is totally alright – why, all the folks are doing it these days! Because of her relentless nature, he glamours her into running away screaming every time she lays eyes on him. Problem solved!

What’s a vampire to do with Marnie? Here’s an idea – send the vampire secret police to arrest her. Pam wants her dead, but Bill won’t have it – no human blood is to be shed at the hands of a vampire. So he does the next best thing… he glamours her so he can find out if the spell is reversible or not. After doing so he finds out that if it is, Marnie has absolutely no clue how to do it. Pam’s upset – why wouldn’t she be? Her ear’s falling off, for crying out loud. Later we get a little vampire history lesson and learn that they’ve always put themselves in positions of power and influence. Hundreds of years ago they were in the Catholic church. Now? They work for Google and Fox News. No kidding – Bill said so himself!

We also find out about a very powerful witch named Antonia who’s probably the one that’s possessing Marnie from time to time. In her argument to try to convince Bill and the sheriffs to kill Marnie, Pam makes a fatal error – she reveals that she did, in fact, have contact with Eric. Bill’s angry beyond belief and realizes that Sookie’s protecting his arch-nemesis. What’s a vampire king to do? Well, blur over there and find out the scoop, of course. I hope he walks in while they’re all entwined in bed. Yeah – I hate Bill Compton THAT much.

Tommy and Sam:
Tommy kills Joe Lee deliberately but his mother’s death was an accident. So who does he run to? His brother, Sam. What surprised me was how willing Sam was to help him. And what surprised me even more was how willing he was to confess that he, too, had killed someone before. I understand he wants to reassure his brother but Tommy isn’t really someone who can be trusted. Hopefully this won’t be something he regrets later.

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Alright, alright, I promise – I will not inundate you with constant articles about vampires and True Blood. But this is not just another vampire article. This is a recap – the first of many – where I discuss what you may have missed on some of the best genre shows on television these days.

Let’s begin! I want to ensure you stay in the loop and know what’s been happening in Bon Temps these days.


Poor, poor Jason. The guy’s been strapped to a bed getting repeatedly raped by the women of that backwoods area while he lays there dying from claw marks to his chest. Finally he gets the break he needs – the younger girl cuts him loose and he makes a run (well, more like a stumble) for it. Badly injured from the cat scratches – and I’m sure a very achy groin at this point as well – he’s not making much headway through the back woods.

Felton realizes he’s gone and immediately transforms into panther form to track him down. Now Jason – who’s been playing the village idiot for awhile – actually does something really smart. He takes off his blood covered shirt, throws it away from him and climbs up a tree. While there he starts sharpening a spear.

Just like that Felton prowls underneath the tree. Jason pounces down and drives the spike deep into him, killing him. Immediately following, Crystal shows up. She tries to convince Jason to return to the village but Jason threatens to kill her if she comes any closer. He runs away and passes out on the side of the road. Don’t feel badly for him though! Hoyt and Jessica find him by chance as they’re driving down the road. The last thing we see of Jason is him being fed Jessica’s vamp blood.


What’s good ol’ Bill been up to lately? He went to both Pam and Sookie, demanding to know Eric’s whereabouts. Both deny ever seeing him.

But his day is to get worse – much worse. He’s having fun sleeping with Portia Bellefleur until he pays a visit to the girl’s grandmother. While there she delves into her family’s genealogy where he discovers – much to his horror and the grandmother’s as well – that Portia is his great-great-great-great-great granddaughter. Yes, you can gag now.

Lafayette, Jesus and Tara:

The trio is badgering Marie, demanding to know how to reverse the spell. Marnie’s high strung and upset, knowing the danger they’re all in and yet totally powerless to help in the situation. Finally she prays to the goddess and the book she needs falls from the shelf. Not only that, but also the spell she needs is right there on the exact page that’s showing. Hopeful, the four plus Pam meet near a sacred circle. Pam, being her normal abrasive self, starts demeaning Marie. She asks her, “Are you f***ing retarded?!” It’s then that Marnie starts channeling that ghost witch. Her eyes start glowing and she chants a spell that causes Pam’s flesh to rot from her face. Ooop-sie. Now they’re in more trouble than ever.

Eric, Sookie and Alcide:

A panicked Sookie calls Alcide for help in sniffing down Eric. After a bit of a trail, they’re unprepared for what they see. Drunk on Claudine, Eric is found frolicking in a pond that’s notorious for having gators. He’s having a grand time and invites Sookie in for a swim – that is, until he spots Alcide. As they snarl and growl at each other, Eric’s caught off guard when his skin starts burning. Sookie wraps him in a blanket while Eric vampire-blurs back to the house with the other two in tow.

And then we come to (what I consider to be) a very touching scene. Eric’s sad…he doesn’t want to be a vampire anymore. He realizes he’ll never play in the sunshine again. He’ll never get to experience the warmth of it on his skin or see the sunlight shimmer in Sookie’s hair. He looks miserable. Without warning, he turns to Sookie and asks for a “cheer up” kiss while sporting a wily smile – where’s the old Eric? Long gone it seems and yeah, I like this one better.

Sam and Tommy:

The only thing these two brothers have in common is their ability to find trouble. Sam goes over to Luna’s house and discovers she has a daughter. Not a big deal, Sam says. But then he finds out the girl’s father is a werewolf who likes to stalk Luna. Hmmm… Sam’s probably going to be finding himself in a very dangerous situation soon. Although, he’s a survivor – he’s walked away from some serious battles so I do believe he’ll make it through whatever’s facing him.

Now for Tommy. He returns home to his mother and she creates this world of fantasy and pretends she’s left Joe Lee. Tommy only discovers that she’s lying when Joe Lee comes up behind him and wraps a chain around his neck. Instead of transforming into a bird or something, he remains chained. I have no love for this kid, but I hate to see him held captive by his dysfunctional family.

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