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The Walking Dead: The Moral Mess of Terminus

The-Walking-Dead-Season-5-trailer-350Any dedicated fan of the show has no doubt witnessed what our favorite group of survivors has had to endure throughout their time in the apocalypse. Life as they once knew it is gone, and the constant search for food, water and supplies (along with the brutality of their environment) takes its daily toll.

And as the story continues, we can see how the characters change – some for the better, and some for the worse. But perhaps the most dramatic and controversial change can be seen in the inhabitants of Terminus.

[Spoiler Alert – if you’re not up to speed on TWD, stop reading here!]

So what do we know about Terminus? We know that it was once a safe haven for survivors.  It was a legitimate sanctuary.  And we know that they were over run at some point by rapists and pillagers...

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Why A Zombie Apocalypse Might Actually Be A Good Thing

I’ll admit – I have a very weak stomach and cannot tolerate watching zombie shows and movies.  From their slow, slithering ways to their rotting flesh, zombies are a bit more than I can handle.  Add to this their mindless, instinct-driven desire to consume copious amounts of human flesh, and I basically run when anything zombie is on television.  I cannot even bring myself to watch The Walking Dead, (from what I hear) a fantastic show depicted the troubled times of the last humans trying to survive a zombie apocalypse.

But today I started thinking about it.  What if that actually happened?  Instead of going through how terrible things would be if that occurred, I decided to actually take a moment and think of the highlights of an event such as this.

1.  Disintegration of governme...

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