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It’s All About Emma Swan

EmmaI wanted to love “Once Upon a Time.”  I think I did at one time.  With such a large cast, there are characters we’re going to love and ones we’re going to hate. It’s inevitable. And while I did favor the villains (Regina, Mr. Gold, etc), I always had a soft spot for the “good guys.”  That is, until this current season, when I came to a realization about this show:  it’s really all about Emma.

And the worst part is, she knows it.  I mean, most shows do gravitate around a particular character and the difficulties they encounter, the struggles they’ve endured.  But a kind of “reset button” is pushed from week to week that sort of grounds said character.   Not Emma.  I’ve watched her character develop, and it’s amazing self absorbed she is!

Emma is the savior...

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Does Fantasy Belong in Science Fiction?

When one thinks of “hot topics,” political and religious issues tend to come to mind first and foremost because they are the ones that are probably most debated and are most impacting to our society.  But to science fiction fans more genre-specific issues loom.  One in particular is whether or not fantasy should be included in the science fiction genre.

To many, it’s a no-brainer.  Science fiction typically refers to anything not of this world, and such could be said for the likes of vampires, werewolves, zombies etc.  I mean, they’re anything but human (even though they had a human form at one point).  While they aren’t actually from outer space, they’re unique enough where it’s clear as to why they’re included in the genre...

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