With the vast array of television entertainment available to us today, many of the shows and characters seem perpetually boring and terribly predictable.  So when I finally come across one that stands apart from the rest, one that really causes me to reconsider everything that I’ve ever known to be true,  I know I’ve found something (or someone) special.  And this is the point of this new series of articles I’ll be writing – to share, in detail, everything I can about a character that is worthy to be discussed.  I’ll try to ensure that the shows are current and are still running, but there might be times when I revisit ones that are no longer airing because, yes, the person of interest is that important to warrant a visit back in time.

So let’s talk True Blood, shall we?  And if you watch the show, you are more than acquainted with the lovely yet troubled Tara Thorton.
Tara walks around Bon Temps with a chip on her shoulder, a roughness that exudes from her very core.  We find out through the progression of the show (not discussing the book form this time around, just HBO’s version) that she came from a rough home life.  Her mother was an alcoholic, and quite often Tara would find refuge at Sookie’s grandmother’s home.  The girls grew up as best friends, but did Tara’s rough beginning cause her to be as jaded as she is?  I mean, Sookie and Jason lost their parents at a young age, and neither have as much hatred toward the world as Tara does.

But as she ages, life doesn’t get any better for Tara.  She lives through a series of terrible events – mostly at the hands of vampires. From the death of Eggs to being kidnapped and raped by the vampire Franklin, to the breakup with her girlfriend from New Orleans, Tara is a mess.  And yet, in probably the most selfless act imaginable, she gives her life to save Sookie’s – who then has her turned into a vampire because she can’t live without Tara. Selflessness is repaid with selfishness.

Tara contains varying degrees of rage and has shown herself to be vicious with both words and actions.  I don’t believe she deserves the bad rap that she seems to get from the other cast members.  Life isn’t fair; we all know this.  Tara has had her share of hard knocks, some of which would bring the much of the world down to their knees.  Yet she’s still standing. 

Make no mistake; Tara is a survivor. While she does have a very well-hidden and barely visible soft side, she will do whatever she has to do in order to ensure her survival.  And for her, it’s a day by day basis.  This girl falls into the worst kind of bad luck imaginable.  It makes one wonder what she could’ve possible done to piss karma off as the attacks are unrelenting.  As I watch season after season unfold, I continually ask myself, “How much can one girl take?”

Yet through all of this, she just wants to be loved.  I know, I know – it’s such a  cliché, yet it’s true.  Tara is ferocious until someone continually shows her love and compassion.  If they can hold out beyond her nastiness, if they can get her to see that it’s not a façade but the real deal, she will often open enough for some semblance of a relationship to take place.  It’s getting to that point that’s tricky for her though.  How many times can one be burned before giving up seems like the only viable option?

That’s Tara in a nutshell.  Stay tuned for the next article in this series when I discuss another very popular character and their inner workings and motivations!

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