Writer Linda Zimmermann just can’t leave the dead well enough alone. Her career has been marked by her time as ghost investigator; now her career will take a different turn with her new series of stories on her new web site HVZombie.com (Hudson Valley Zombie Apocalypse).

“When I was a little kid, I saw the original ‘Night of the Living Dead’ and it scared the crap out of me,” Zimmermann said with a laugh from her home. Since that time, the Hudson Valley writer has loved “all things zombie related” and this was her chance to tell her story.

Zimmermann, a chemist-turned-author, said her goal was to tell the story of Rebecca Truesdale, a nurse from Nyack, New York who also works with a ParGenTech. Truesdale “knows a lot about bacteria, viruses and parasites.” However something “strange starts happening in the Hudson Valley as a sickness spreads. The government is telling everyone it’s just a new strain of the flu, but ordinary people suddenly become violent killers. Becks sees firsthand what the infection can do, and knows the government is lying.”

“The whole story was set in June of 2012 and my goal is to make this as realistic as possible. I want to take the ordinary but push the envelope. However, any politicians who will be in office will be the elected leaders here. It just gives a more real world feel,” said Zimmermann.

First, Zimmermann said she is working on her project on several different levels. First, she is releasing a digital book in several “segments” as opposed to chapters. She just recently released “Phase 5, 6, 7” which is available on Amazon here.

Second, the website will feature video blogs and television news reports produced by Big Guy Media.  She said that she met the people at Big Guy Media while filming a paranormal show in Hudson Valley.  “I have enjoyed working with Big Guy Media,” said Zimmermann.

Each of the stories will feature an actress as “Becks” communicating with the audience. “As I write the script, I outline the important parts of the story and it allows the actors to improvise,” said Zimmermann.

Third, Zimmermann said her zombie site will be open to fans submitting their own videos that could coincide with the stories and the newscast on line. “Our goal is to make this as interactive on many levels,” she said.

Fourth, Zimmermann that another addition to the HVZombie site will be augmented reality that can be used with iPhones and smart phones. “We are working to get what is called the ‘augmented reality’ up and out,” said Zimmermann.

She said that real places mentioned in the book could be a part of the story. She explained that the owner of Joe’s Diner could be in the story. Should a fan of the HVZA show up and see the HVZA logo, the fans could point their iPhones and smart phones at the place and see a video clip that was filmed there or read the section of the story published there.

“This is really unique and not many people are doing that,” she said. “So we are pleased to do it.”

Fans can jump on board at anytime by simply visiting HVZombie.com. “Fans of the zombie genre will have a blast,” said Zimmermann. “This is a lot of fun for me and I believe readers and viewers will have as much fun as I had creating it.”

She said as long as she has to work with the dead, she might as well enjoy it. “And I have,” she said.

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