Five Things I’ve Learned from Star Trek

Star Trek (2008) Directed by: J.J. Abrams

I might have mentioned earlier (or maybe not) that my love of Star Trek had a very reluctant and rocky start in my childhood.  As a child in the 80s, there wasn’t an incredible amount of variety on television.  So many a weekend afternoon aired long marathons of Star Trek, Bruce Lee movies, etc.   My father, an avid Star Trek fan, wouldn’t miss a chance to sit and watch the episodes from the original show, and of course he was the one who introduced it to me.  I admit I wasn’t very receptive at first, but in time it grew on me, and I found myself addicted.  I’ve watched all remakes of it including Enterprise (and no, I don’t think it’s nearly as bad as people said it was – it’s actually one of my favorites).

Fast forward to adulthood.  I’m so thrilled that there are new, modern Star Trek movies for kids to see!  In a world that is drowning in Star Wars toys, games, movies, cartoons, etc., finally – FINALLY – they will get introduced to my world.  My husband and son are huge Star Wars fans, and of course, like any true Sci-Fi fan, I love it too.  But Star Trek will always be my favorite, and here’s some of the things you can learn if you watch Star Trek too:


1)       Friendly conflict is both normal and perhaps even expected. 

If you’ve ever seen Star Trek, you’ll know that the bickering that occurs between Dr. McCoy and Mr. Spock is never ending.  But when the heat is on and push comes to shove, these two always have each other’s backs.  Always.  They may disagree, but they also recognize there’s a bond between them that they may deny outwardly but would never abandon.  What a perfect example of overcoming our differences when it counts!


2)      To be a good leader, sometimes you have to break the rules.

Let’s be honest… if Captain Kirk always followed the rules, life would be boring on the USS Enterprise.  Kirk’s cavalier way of handling things makes the show that much more exciting.  You never know if he’s going to breach protocol when dealing with a new race, or metaphorically spit in the face of his superiors with pure disobedience, but either way, he teaches us a valuable lesson.  Sometimes rules were meant to be broken, sometimes those in power don’t have our best interests in heart.  We need to be able to think outside the box and make our own decisions so we can sleep at night.


3)      Too much logic can be a bad thing.

I love Spock!  He’s one of my favorites.  And being only half Vulcan, we know that he does have emotions (even if he won’t admit it).  But while logic has its place – being able to keep a cool head in times of trouble, not adding more emotion to an already heated situation, etc. – it does have a downfall.  Emotions help us to relay how we feel about a particular person or situation.  While they can messy and detrimental at times, they’re needed.  They help us weigh things better.  They help people understand us better; they forge a deeper connection.  They’re a necessary evil, so to speak.


4)      Meet new people, make new friends, help those in need.

The main premise of Star Trek is watching the crew visit new worlds and civilizations.  Time and again they’re being exposed to new people, and they learn to communicate and help those who need it.  While we’re pretty earth bound here, we can also take time to meet new people and make new friends.  Even if it’s just being cordial to the woman in back of us in line at the grocery store, we can take a few moments to chit chat.  Might be the only interaction they get that day.  You can also help a neighbor in need.

5)      Don’t wear a red shirt when you go out exploring. (I couldn’t resist!)

All those poor crew members in their red shirts who died without us even knowing their names!  Don’t be like them.  Wear ANY other color before you venture out.


What else have you learned from Star Trek?  Comment below, and don’t forget to see the new Star Trek movie!