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Exclusive Interview: Noel Clarke

Much More Than A Tin Dog

EDITORIAL NOTE: ScienceFictionZone is indebted to Paul Salamoff and Roslyn Hill of Unstoppable Entertainment for helping arrange this interview.

–    ScienceFictionZone Staff

When “Doctor Who” returned to the airwaves in 2005 after a near-two decade absence, fans were treated to a new TARDIS, new Doctor, new companion and new supporting characters.

Enter Noel Clarke.

Clarke played the role of Mickey Smith, the boyfriend of Rose (aka Billie Piper), and he watched as a tall mysterious stranger (who looked an awful like Destro from “G.I. Joe”) stepped in and whisked her away.

Was Mickey destined for third-wheel status forever? In one episode of the second season, poor Mickey compared himself to K-9 the robot dog...

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“Should Doctor Who Go American, Might I Suggest…”


I just wanted to wish my favorite time traveling hero the Doctor a happy birthday! In honor of that I present this…

Okay…everyone knows that Doctor Who is as British as the Queen of England, King Arthur, Robin Hood and James “Venereal Disease Proof” Bond and I would not want to change that. I would never ever want to change that.

But at the DW-Time Zone, I wanted to point out that the Doctor could be played by anyone who is Scottish, Irish, Australian, Welsh or South African. Granted David Tennant, who is Scottish, performed with a Southern English accent. I am sorry to say that for my unsophisticated American ears, what does it matter?

But for this little exercise, let’s have some fun for a moment and ask, “What if an American was cast as the Doctor?” The rule for this ex...

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Spending Time With Writer Paul J. Salamoff, Bluewater Comics’ “Doctor Who” Bio Comic Writer


How do you write a biography about a 900 year old Time Lord?

It can’t be easy, considering Edmund Morris spent a decade writing three 600-page books on President Theodore Roosevelt and Roosevelt died when he was just 60 years-old! Yet, writer Paul J. Salamoff is going to give it a shot with my old buddies at Bluewater Comics with his upcoming bio-comic on the “Doctor Who” phenomenon.

To celebrate the success of the DW-Time Zone column, we are presenting this interview of our new friend. Salamoff talks about comic books, screenwriting, his own graphic novel, owning his own TARDIS console and “geeking” out with Steven Spielberg over the good Doctor.

QUESTION: First, thanks for hanging out with us...

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Exclusive Doctor Who Photographs From The NYC Comic Con!

The DW-Time Zone

The New York Comic Con at the Jacob Javitz Center has come and gone, and while the new Avengers movie took center stage, fans of a certain Time Lord showed their support and dressed like the beloved Time Lord.

I, too, could not resist showing up in my TARDIS T-Shirt and I would randomly walk up to the fans and say, “I am collecting ‘Doctor Who’ photos” and the attendees were kind enough to allow me to photograph them. I snapped photos of people dressed as the 10th Doctor or the 11th Doctor. My favorite was the 11th Doctors because I would say (derisively), “I can’t believe you are wearing a bow tie!” and I would not leave them alone until they said, “Bow ties are cool!” And each one was kind enough to do so.

To you people who thought I was harassing yo...

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THE RANT OF ALL TIME: Questioning The Sanity Of The BBC

Courtesy of BBC


Well, Series Six of “Doctor Who” is winding down and we are about to put the TARDIS away for the season and according to a recent article, I am not happy about it. Here’s why:

“Doctor Who Magazine has officially confirmed what has been clear for a while now – Series 7 will not air until Autumn 2012.”

I have a simple question for the people at the BBC, “What in the heck is wrong with you?”

Nine months?

Let me explain my annoyance with the BBC and possibly an overworked Steven Moffat (“Doctor Who”, “The Adventures of Tintin” and “Sherlock” all one right after the other).

In 1989, when Michael Grade* was chief jackass of programming for the BBC and he unceremoniously canceled “Doctor Who...

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