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We-Are-Back350And I’m thirlled!   It’s been such a terribly long hiatus – I never meant to be away this long.  So much has happened since the last time I posted in 2012.  Nevertheless, the site is up and running again, and that’s all that matters.

What’s awesome is that the shows that I love to watch have really changed so much, and there’s so much more to talk about now.   So there will be some commentary regarding those, maybe a few reviews on some new (or not so new games), a movie here or there, and the occasional opinionated article by yours truly from time to time.  Oh, and walkers (zombies).  We’re definitely going to be talking about those.

I’m dealing with some chronic health issues, so chances are good that I may not be able to post as often as I would like.  Thanks so much for being patient, and I look forward to talking about all things science fiction with all of you!

I know, I know – it’s such a cliché to say this, but it really does seem like it was just yesterday when Science Fiction Zone was brought into existence.  And yet we’re one year old this month!

Before I begin, I just want to start off with a HUGE thank you to our readers, followers and fans.  I seriously cannot thank you enough for your support and participation on this site, our Facebook page and our Twitter page.  Without you, the site would have been a distant memory by now. You guys are AWESOME!

It’s amazing how many changes can take place in one calendar year.  At the urging of two very good friends, I decided to launch SFZ.  In those early days I remember feeling varying degrees of uncertainty, and how it was almost paralyzing at times. My biggest concern (aside from building and running the website with absolutely no experience whatsoever) was trying to captivate people’s interest by presenting ideas in an innovative and refreshing way.  SFZ had to bring something new to the table; we needed to go beyond news.  My goal was to discuss things that were different, controversial even – in the hopes that we could get a great debate going and get people really thinking about what they’re seeing/watching/reading in the genre. 

I think we’ve achieved that.  Yes, it’s only been our first year, but we’re continually growing and we’re stronger than ever. We’ve had some awesome guests share some really riveting articles, and we had the opportunity to interview some celebrities (such as Supernatural’s Jim Beaver , Doctor Who’s Noel Clarke, UFO Phil  and Legend’s Marie Lu to name just a few).   And there’s no stopping us now! 

Continue to stay tuned to read even more interesting and thought-provoking articles related to science fiction, fantasy (and even sometimes horror).   

And if you have ANY ideas at all for something you’d like to read, contact me at and I’ll review your suggestion. 

Thanks once again for all of your support!

Due to the unexpected death of a loved one, no new content will be published until after Thursday, January 19, 2012.

In the (very) short time that SFZ has been in existence, we’re able to proudly say that we’re growing quickly – and it’s all due to our wonderful fans who are reading, commenting  on and sharing our content with others.  It’s because of this support that we’re able to expand and give you even more perks to enjoy.  It’s an honor for us to report that we’re welcoming writer Don Smith with his new column “The DW-Time Zone,” which will be dedicated to all things “Doctor Who” related.

“The good Doctor has been traveling through space long before Vulcans did that thing with their hands and the Jedi were fighting the Dark Side of the Force, and I have been a fan of the show since I was in high school,” said Smith.

The column will be dedicated to reviews and interviews regarding “Doctor Who.”

“The Doctor has been compared to Sherlock Holmes in space, and I love how he can walk into a room, and with one glance just size up everyone and do it with a smile on his face,” said Smith. “He is the type of guy to say, ‘You know what monsters check under their beds for? Me!’ And how can you not love someone with that type of bold-faced arrogance, especially when he can back it up.” 
Smith has a long career in journalism, science fiction and comic books. He writes a column dedicated to independent comic books on, and his work appears at,, as well as several different sites.

He has also had several comic books published for Bluewater Comics such as “Political Power: Ronald Reagan,” “Political Power: Rush Limbaugh,” “Jesus Christ: Faith Series” and he adapted S.E. Hinton’s (“The Outsiders”) book “The Puppy Sister” into an acclaimed graphic novel.

Smith’s second local history book, “The Goffle Road Murders of Passaic County,”  was released from History Press in August of 2011. His first book “Hawthorne” (from Arcadia Publishing) was published in 2006.

When not writing for numerous web sites, newspapers and magazines, Smith also hosts the show “Writestream Wednesdays” every other Wednesday on Blog Talk Radio as part of Parasol Communications. He has interviewed some of the finest writers in the industry such as Mary Higgins Clark, John Saul and Thomas Craughwell, author of “Stealing Lincoln’s Body” and has many amazing guests lined up. 

“I have been a big fan of the work of Christine Donatello for a while now and when I heard she was starting her own site, I begged her to let me write this column,” said Smith. “And she was kind enough to do it.” 

While a start date has yet to be determined, it will be announced on Smith’s Facebook page and Twitter site.  Stay tuned!

Welcome to  We’re glad you’re here!

It’s our hope you enjoy this site.  As you can see, it’s VERY new.  It’d be fair to say it’s in its “baby stage.”   What we’re looking to do here is bring you science fiction news that captures your interests at heart, while also providing articles that’ll stir your imagination (and perhaps even your temper) as we discuss some touchy and what could be considered controversial topics.  We want you to have fun – enjoy, and definitely chime in with your opinion.  We’ll be discussing hard core sci-fi, steampunk, horror, fantasy and anything else that falls under the umbrella of this genre.

If you’re looking to have a book reviewed or would like to be a guest poster, feel free to click on the “Contact Us” link.  That will lead you to the correct email address you’ll need.

That’s about it, so please feel free to make yourself at home and enjoy your stay!