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What Makes a Superhero…Super?

If you’re anything like me, you’re totally obsessed with superheroes and the idea that one man (or woman) could save us mere mortals from harm (and if you’re not, you should be — superheroes rock).  But after much thought, I’m left wondering – what makes our favorite superheroes so super?   No doubt there are so many different kinds of superheroes with super abilities.  Some rely on technology; others on natural ability.  Is one better than the other?

One of my absolute favorites is Ironman.  Good ol’ Tony Stark’s amazing mind and mastery of engineering led to the creation of that suit which has then been used for the greater good.  But like Batman, Ironman depends on gadgets and technology...

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A New Wave of Super Heroes

The Washington based comic book company Bluewater Comics is growing by mythic proportions with its new line The Wave. Scheduled to be out in Autumn of 2011, the line will feature a four-issue miniseries with the titles Artemis, Orion, Heracles, and Trident: The Power of Poseidon. It’s a new take on old heroes.

According to line editor A.E. Stueve (The Legend of Isis), Bluewater is doing this to tell “a well written collection of books, [that are] beautifully drawn, and completely accessible to readers of any age.” Each of the stories will be self-contained stories but part of a larger narration...

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