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Alien Babies Among Us? Let’s Explore.

Credit: Bhattacharya S et al. 2018

Here’s some interesting news for our alien lovers out there. Or at the very least, a fascinating conspiracy theory. (Many thanks to my husband for the article).

According to LiveScience, what scientists are calling a deformed human fetus was found in Chile’s Atacama Desert in 2003, and it instantly stumped them.

Sporting an elongated skull, overly almond eye sockets and missing ribs, the skeleton fueled rumors that it could very well be the remains of an alien life form. In fact, “the scientists extracted DNA from one of the skeleton’s ribs — another anomaly that previously had fueled speculation about alien origins, as there were 10 pairs, rather than the 12 normally found in humans.”

But as usual, scientists are pulling the usual “Move along pe...

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The UFO Phil Experience

At the intersection of Star Wars, George Noory and Doctor Demento is UFO Phil. He is bald and wears a blue jumpsuit, yellow vest and yellow shorts and that’s the most normal aspect of his personality. I first heard UFO Phil on “Jeremiah Greer Live” on Teancity Radio and “Tha Jackal’s Head” and I spent much of the time laughing. Click on the links highlighted here, give it five minutes and you’ll “get it,” especially as Phil celebrates the Christmas season with his latest single.

I have to admit, as an early Christmas present to myself, I wanted to interview Phil, so I immediately hopped on Facebook and harassed him until he agreed to an interview. We spoke over Skype on Sunday, Dec. 11, and we talked Christmas and the goal of his message which is three fold:


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Possible UFO Found In Baltic Sea

courtesy of Peter Lindberg

If the title alone makes you think I’m talking about the next science fiction film, let me assure you – I’m not.

According to and a quick blurb that appeared on the Fox News Channel this afternoon, an unidentified object that’s strikingly similar to a spherical UFO has been found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

If that’s not interesting enough, perhaps these facts will grab you. According to Peter Lindberg (the expedition leader), sonar images are showing the object has a diameter of 60 meters (196 feet), and there is evidence of actual skid marks where it may have hit underwater and slid before stopping.

The Ocean Explorer team made the find...

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Are Aliens Among Us?

You might be surprised to learn this from a self-processed sci-fi lover, but I never really considered the possibility of life on other planets.  I thought it was equivalent to believing in ghosts; you can choose to or not without much consequence. See, I had grown up hearing “news” stories of little grey aliens kidnapping and anal probing helpless human victims while they sleep, but I never really could come to terms with that.  I mean, look at it from their perspective – if you’ve seen one rectum, you’ve seen them all, wouldn’t you think?  So I wasn’t really convinced that there was the possibility of alien life.

Something changed when I watched the movie Contact.  I remember Jodie Foster’s line toward the end of the movie...

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