Alien Babies Among Us? Let’s Explore.

Credit: Bhattacharya S et al. 2018

Here’s some interesting news for our alien lovers out there. Or at the very least, a fascinating conspiracy theory. (Many thanks to my husband for the article).

According to LiveScience, what scientists are calling a deformed human fetus was found in Chile’s Atacama Desert in 2003, and it instantly stumped them.

Sporting an elongated skull, overly almond eye sockets and missing ribs, the skeleton fueled rumors that it could very well be the remains of an alien life form. In fact, “the scientists extracted DNA from one of the skeleton’s ribs — another anomaly that previously had fueled speculation about alien origins, as there were 10 pairs, rather than the 12 normally found in humans.”

But as usual, scientists are pulling the usual “Move along people, nothing to see here” routine (think Officer Barbrady from South Park), and are assuring the public that the skeleton is, indeed, human.

I suppose we should just believe them, right? I mean, we’re never lied to, not by the government, the media, or any other sources so why should this be any different?

Or can we just, for a moment, entertain the idea that this may, in fact, be the remains of an alien life form? I don’t consider myself an expert of human remains by any means, but from what I’ve seen during this short time on this earth, this skeleton looks anything but human.

An interesting thing to consider is the fact that more of these have been found in Peru and other countries. The article goes on to say that this is further proof that this couldn’t possibly be an alien lifeform. But what if… (I love hypothesizing)… what if, the fact that there are MORE of these little alien babies than just this means we’re on the cusp of a major discovery?  What if this is just the aftermath of multiple alien abductions with failed fertilizations?

Yes, I’m aware this sounds like something from the X-Files. But it’s worth pondering. After all, the truth IS out there, right?

What do you think?  Share your thoughts below.