People of Note


Marie Lu:

Marie Lu is a very talented author whose new book will take you on an amazing journey.  Her writing is strong, highly detailed and enthralling.  I’ve had the pleasure of reading an advanced copy of Legend and the only thing I had trouble with was the fact that I couldn’t seem to put it down.

Legend takes place in a dark, dystopian America that’s been ravaged by a war that has split our great nation in two.  A famous 15-year-old criminal crosses paths with a 15-year-old prodigy who’s been hired to hunt him down.  When she catches up to him, they uncover something that’s bigger than anything they could’ve ever imagined or anticipated.

The movie rights to Legend have been secured by CBS Films which is highly exciting news!

Marie Lu was born in China in 1984 (perhaps a sign of dystopian stories to come), and moved from Beijing to Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the same year the Tiananmen Square massacre happened. Eventually she and her parents settled down in Sugar Land, Texas—which she still considers her hometown.

Marie graduated in 2006 from USC and currently resides in Los Angeles, where she spends her time stuck in traffic.

You can find out more about her by visiting her website: