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ScienceFictionZone.com was established with the intent of sharing our love of science fiction, fantasy and (sometimes) horror with fellow fans – both new and diehard ones alike.  If you love the genre as much as we do, then you’re in luck!

Our goal is to bring you both breaking news and entertainment.  Sometimes this entertainment will be in the form of amusing articles; other times we’re going to stir up a little controversy to get you thinking.  Be sure to chime in when you feel the urge as we’re looking forward to hearing what you have to say on any of our topics.  In other words – don’t be shy!

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Site owner ~ Christine Donatello


Christine considers herself extremely lucky to be able to share her enthusiasm for the genre with her readers over here at ScienceFictionZone.com and previously as a journalist at another science fiction website.   Her early exposure to sci-fi at the hands of her father no doubt fueled her interest at a young age.  And marrying a man who is perhaps one of the biggest fans of sci-fi and fantasy has helped set the foundation for her lifelong love of anything not of this world.  Plus, raising little sci-fi nerds is fun.