AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead Comic-Con Trailer Released!

If you’re an avid fan of Fear the Walking Dead, then you’ll want to check out this new Comic-Con trailer that AMC just released.  All hell seems to break loose in this upcoming season, and it looks as though the future for the cast is stormy at best.

Fear the Walking Dead returns August 12, 2018 at 9/8 C.  Don’t miss it! … Continue reading

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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Release Nears

Many of you (like myself) are MMORPG players and play World of Warcraft. I have been immersing myself in Azeroth since Vanilla WoW, which almost seems like a shame to admit because it means that yes, I’m THAT old. Thinking back to the days when the game was harder, when grinding was unavoidable, and some seemingly simple quests required groups to complete – think Hogger in Elwynn Forest (my sister and I were just talking about this).

Also, hunters had to have ammo on them at all time because they could run out in the middle of a raid (had a guildie do this to us during a raid), and food for one’s pet was always needed otherwise he/she would run… Continue reading

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Alien Babies Among Us? Let’s Explore.

Credit: Bhattacharya S et al. 2018

Here’s some interesting news for our alien lovers out there. Or at the very least, a fascinating conspiracy theory. (Many thanks to my husband for the article).

According to LiveScience, what scientists are calling a deformed human fetus was found in Chile’s Atacama Desert in 2003, and it instantly stumped them.

Sporting an elongated skull, overly almond eye sockets and missing ribs, the skeleton fueled rumors that it could very well be the remains of an alien life form. In fact, “the scientists extracted DNA from one of the skeleton’s ribs — another anomaly that previously had fueled speculation about alien origins, as there were 10 pairs, rather… Continue reading

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Five Things I’ve Learned from Star Trek

Star Trek (2008) Directed by: J.J. Abrams

I might have mentioned earlier (or maybe not) that my love of Star Trek had a very reluctant and rocky start in my childhood.  As a child in the 80s, there wasn’t an incredible amount of variety on television.  So many a weekend afternoon aired long marathons of Star Trek, Bruce Lee movies, etc.   My father, an avid Star Trek fan, wouldn’t miss a chance to sit and watch the episodes from the original show, and of course he was the one who introduced it to me.  I admit I wasn’t very receptive at first, but in time it grew on me, and I found myself addicted.  I’ve watched all remakes of it including Enterprise (and… Continue reading

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Take in the Smells of the Game with this Mask

Courtesy of FeelReal

Courtesy of FeelReal

Imagine you’re immersed in your favorite game.  You’re stranded on a beach, trying to collect items to use for your survival.  The graphics are excellent; you can see the sun’s rays glinting off of the water, the light radiating off the sand.  But that’s not all.  As you roam the beach, you can actually SMELL the scent of salt water in the air, the stench of rotting seaweed, a warm breeze blowing on your face, the feel of the ocean spray on your skin.  Talk about adding a new dimension to gaming!

It might sound too good to be true, but it’s very, very real.  Manufactured by FeelReal, this virtual reality mask brings the gaming… Continue reading

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